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We are the most dependable hardwood floor restoration service in Sparrows Point. We’re ready to improve and extend the life of your hardwood flooring by bringing back its beauty and value. We accomplish this through our comprehensive hardwood floor resurfacing service, which is available throughout the Sparrows Point region. This is an excellent service for floors with little signs of wear, such as minor scratches, slight warping, and faint discoloration. If your floors are more damaged, don’t fret! We also offer a state-of-the-art hardwood floor refinishing service that is just right for you! But if you feel this does describe the current condition of your floor, then give us a call today to resurface your wood floor in Sparrows Point!

Before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in Sparrows Point, MD

How Resurfacing Works

Unlike refinishing, hardwood floor resurfacing can be done in two simple steps. First, we screen the floor and remove any bad finish, and then we coat the floor with a new high-quality polyurethane finish. It’s as simple as that. And because it’s so simple, we can get it done in just a matter of 1-2 days on average. Because it doesn’t require sanding, it eliminates dust and minimal rough smells, making us the most practical method to change the appearance of your wood floor in Sparrows Point. Please phone us right now to get started; we’d love to speak with you about our services.

a resurfaced living room floor

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Wood Floor in Sparrows Point, MD?

Well, obviously this depends on who you go with. The team here at Fabulous Floors Baltimore can resurface a floor for $0.99 per sq/ft depending on the size and extent of the damage. This is the best price for the high-quality results only we can truly offer. We have no doubt about that. If you want to find out the cost to resurface your specific floor, then reach out to us! Our team members are always more than happy to provide our customers with a FREE, no-obligation price estimate


Benefits of Choosing Our Team for Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

When you can’t stand the sight of your tired, old wood floors and are ready for a change, team up with us here at Fabulous Floors Baltimore. You’ll find our hardwood floor resurfacing in Sparrows Point is both convenient and priced right—and that’s just the beginning! Our proven methods, GREENGUARD certification, and minimal dust and odors have made us a favorite among customers who demand quality results. In fact, check out our reviews page to see what they’re saying about us!

It was a wonderful experience to have Fabulous Floors to complete my floors. The team did a job that was truly professional and quick. I would recommend Fabulous Floors to anyone who wants a job well done.

- Michael J.


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