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Are You Ready to Resurface Your Wood Floors in Linthicum?

The truth is, every hardwood floor needs to be updated every now and then to erase the normal wear and tear. There are many ways to go about these updates, but resurfacing hardwood floors is by far the most affordable and convenient option! But not every DIY method or professional resurfacing service is going to be the same. So if you want the best wood floor resurfacing Linthicum has to offer, you need to call Fabulous Floors Baltimore.

Top-Rated Floor Resurfacing Service

There’s a reason why people in Linthicum have been raving about our service for so many years! At Fabulous Floors, we know how to get the job done right and treat you with respect. Our technicians are trained on a regular basis in hardwood floor resurfacing techniques as well as providing excellent customer service. You can count on us to answer any of your questions, give you honest pricing information, and go above and beyond to make sure you are totally satisfied.

a resurfaced hardwood floor in a linthicum bedroom

Resurfacing Isn’t Refinishing

There are differences between hardwood floor resurfacing and refinishing. Resurfacing hardwood floors in Linthicum, MD doesn’t require nearly as much time or work. In fact, the whole resurfacing process can be done in two steps: buffing and reapplying the stain on the floor. That’s why it’s often the more affordable and convenient option between the two renewal services. However, it only works for floors that don’t have major signs of warping or other damage. We recommend our hardwood floor refinishing service for those types of seriously beat-up floors. Get in contact with us today to find out if your floor qualifies for resurfacing.

Save Time and Money with Fabulous Floors

You can have the floors of your dreams without spending a fortune! Because resurfacing doesn’t require sanding, it can often be completed in just 1- days depending on the size of the floor. It’s also why our prices start at just $0.99 per sq/ft. With that kind of convenience and savings, why would you choose anybody other than Fabulous Floors Baltimore to resurface your hardwood floors in Linthicum, MD?


“It was a wonderful experience to have Fabulous Floors to complete my floors. The team did a job that was truly professional and quick. I would recommend Fabulous Floors to anyone who wants a job well done.” – Michael J.

Other Fabulous Floors Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Benefits


    1. Increases the value of your home.
    2. Takes away the stress of living with damaged wood flooring.
    3. Adds a customizable, long-lasting finish you can enjoy for the years to come.
    4. Keeps floors safe from foot traffic.
    5. Helps to prevent allergens.
    6. Eliminates those annoying little scratches.
    7. Is one of, if not the, fastest ways to restore your hardwood floors in Linthicum.
    8. More than convenient so you get back to your normal routine sooner.
    9. Allows you to relax or work on other projects while we take care of the floors.
    10. Is often the most budget-friendly option for hardwood renewal.


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