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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Explained

Many people are curious about the concept of hardwood floor resurfacing and how it differs from traditional refinishing. Our straightforward response to those wondering about hardwood floor resurfacing in Pasadena is this: it’s the ideal solution for refreshing lightly worn or damaged floors! This process involves removing the old finish and replacing it with a new one, commonly known as the screen and coat method. It presents homeowners with a cost-effective option to achieve stunning wood floors without the need for complete replacement or refinishing. Our dedicated team at Fabulous Floors Baltimore provides resurfacing services in Pasadena, MD, at an affordable rate of just $0.99 per square foot. This approach truly offers the most effective way to rejuvenate your hardwood floors!

before and after floor resurfacing in pasadena
a resurfaced hardwood floor in a pasadena home.

Resurface Your Pasadena Floors the Right Way

When it comes to choosing a floor renewal service in Pasadena, it’s crucial to recognize that not all providers are equal. Each company has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. While we acknowledge that this may sound biased, we firmly stand behind our claim of offering the finest hardwood floor resurfacing services in Pasadena. Our quick completion times, competitive pricing, and clean process are just a few factors that consistently bring our customers back to us! Not only do they benefit from prompt service, but we also prioritize providing them with exceptional customer service. Still doubting? Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself!

“I was very pleased with this company. From the initial phone call, they were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Their price was great, the quality of work was exceptional and the floors really did turn out fabulous! The crew was very professional. I definitely will recommend this company to all friends and family!” – Paul J.


Resurfacing Vs. Refinishing

Determining whether to refinish or resurface your hardwood floors can pose a challenging decision. Both options offer excellent means of restoring hardwood, but the appropriate choice depends on the extent of damage or wear your floors have. Resurfacing is ideal for lightly used floors that display minimal signs of deterioration. With our hardwood floor resurfacing service, you can expect a dust-free and odorless process that is typically completed within a few hours. On the other hand, refinishing is the preferred option for floors exhibiting deep scratches, scuffs, stains, or warping. Although this process may take a bit longer, the outcomes are well worth the wait! At Fabulous Floors Baltimore, we strive to maintain reasonable prices for both our floor services while ensuring swift completion times. Contact us today to discuss which service suits your home best!


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