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The Affordable Way to Fix Up Hardwood in Lochearn

No one wants to live with hardwood floors that are damaged or sad lookin, but replacing them can cost a pretty penny! That’s not even to mention the amount of time it takes to complete the job. Luckily, the team here at Fabulous Floors Baltimore offers an affordable way to fix the look of your wood flooring. Our hardwood floor resurfacing service has helped plenty of Lochearn, MD residents save money while restoring their floors back to their original beauty. Give us a call today for a free price estimate.

before and after a floor resurfacing job in lochearn, md
a hardwood floor after being resurfaced

Only $0.99 Per Sq/Ft

Yes, you read that price right! In most cases, we can resurface a floor for just $0.99 per sq/ft, depending on the size and scope of the job. You might be wondering how we’re able to keep our prices so affordable. The answer is in our process. A floor resurfacing from the team here at Fabulous Floors Baltimore consists of screening the existing finish and replacing it with a high-quality new one. That’s it! So it can be done in less time, with less equipment, and less hassle, which adds up to a low cost for an incredible service. If that sounds good to you then get on the phone today to set up your hardwood floor resurfacing in the Lochearn area!

Resurfacing Isn’t For Every Floor

Sadly, resurfacing isn’t always the best option. It is only ideal for floors showing minimal signs of damage, like light scratches and scuffs. If your floor is warped or is showing more severe signs of damage, then your floor may not qualify and we would recommend pursuing refinishing instead. Luckily, the team here at Fabulous Floors Baltimore also offers a great hardwood floor refinishing service in Lochearn, MD that can get the job done for you.

It was a wonderful experience to have Fabulous Floors to complete my floors. The team did a job that was truly professional and quick. I would recommend Fabulous Floors to anyone who wants a job well done.”

- Michael J.


Benefits of Wood Floor Resurfacing in Lochearn with the Fabulous Floors Team

  1. Puts value back in your home. Fixed-up and clean wood floors will contribute to a better appraisal of your home.
  2. Gets rid of excess stress in your home. A fixed-up floor will help everything in the home feel more zen.
  3. Provides long-lasting results. The Fabulous Floors Baltimore team will only use the highest-quality materials to make sure the new look lasts.
  4. Protects your floors against foot traffic and keeps them cleaner longer with a quality sealing coat.
  5. Prevents allergens. Our process is dust-free, meaning there is no mess or airborne dust particles during or after our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
  6. Removes scratches from your floors by sanding, without damaging the wood.
  7. Takes very little time. Most Fabulous Floors Baltimore resurfacing treatments are completed within hours.
  8. Allows you to get back to your life quickly. There is absolutely nothing to clean up after we leave.
  9. Gives you peace of mind. We do all of the hardwood resurfacing work, saving you from doing it yourself.
  10. Fits within your budget. Hardwood resurfacing saves you money, especially compared to traditional refinishing.


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