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Affordable and Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Severn, MD

Have you searched “Hardwood Floor Refinishing Severn MD”, and found countless brands promoting different “best remedies” and “need to try methods”? There sure is a lot of confusing information out there. Luckily, you don’t have to sift through that information anymore. That’s because Fabulous Floors Baltimore is here to offer the best hardwood floor refinishing in Severn!

Durable & Long-Lasting Results

When it comes to the wood floor, the last thing you want to hear is something “sticking”. That’s not true when it comes to your wood floor’s quality and shine, though! You’ll love the new look of your refinished home. We truly believe that we aren’t in the Severn MD wood floor refinishing business, we’re in the people business. We’ll work with you, and combine our expertise to create a product you’ll love!

Learn More About Our Four-Step Process

Fabulous Floors has dedicated extensive effort over the years to creating a wood floor refinishing service in Severn that is effortless and convenient for our customers. The process has been streamlined to just four easy steps. First, our experts evaluate your home wood flooring, explaining in detail our process, answering any specific questions you might have (again, each job is different, and we want you to have the individual care you deserve). Second, we use our state-of-the-art sanding equipment to remove the typical scratches, bumps, and dents that come from day-to-day life. Third, and this is the fun part, we then stain your wood floor with your chosen stain from our many color options. This lets you get creative and involved! Finally, once the stain dries, we apply our polyurethane finish to “seal the deal”, protecting your floor from damage in the future while also making your floor shine.

Our wood floor refinishing service takes just a couple of days. On top of that, we have a Greenguard Certification. This means that our entire Severn wood floor refinishing process is safe for you and your family (not to mention the environment).


Fabulous is right. We had the floors in a 1952 home refinished, and I don’t believe they’d ever been refinished since the house was built. There was quite a bit of damage, but Fabulous Floors made them look nearly as good as new, especially the oak floors in the main house. Great work!

- Barbara F.

The folks at Fabulous Floors were awesome to work with. They made it really easy to schedule the service which made a world of difference. They had great suggestions and the quality of their work was second to none. I’d recommend them to anyone with flooring needs!

- Bryan K.

Fabulous Floors Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Check out this video to see how the specialists at Fabulous Floors Baltimore use our refinishing system to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors without the cost of a full replacement! 


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